How to increase Instagram followers

Increase your Instagram followers by making Instagram stories interesting:

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Instagram stories are among the popular social tools of today`s era. photo-sharing app Instagram is one of the most commonly used social media apps today and users find its layout most attractive. If you want to make the most of your followers through it, then it is important that you have to make this interesting. Since Instagram stories are a straightforward and fast medium of preparation for audiences. To make your Instagram stories more interesting, you need to learn a few ways so that your Instagram fan follow-up can be fast and easily. 

Here are some tips to make your Instagram stories attractive and to increase the followers. :

  • Insert music in the stories.

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Instagram music feature works to make Instagram stories interesting. With this help, you can bridge the music track and integrate them directly with the video. There are two ways to use it-through popular steps, you can import any song as a sticker and second, you can use the dedicated music mode in the New story page. It is located on the far left. And can shoot new video to match the first edit tracks. 

  • Play Question-Answer session

With the help of this widget, you can motivate followers to ask a question. It overlays a story with the text field on which the other users can type their question. Later, you can review all the questions and reply to them via private message or re-posting the Question-Answer widget. Add question-answer, sticker like this - switch in the  New story page and set background. After that tap on the sticker button, drag any questioning sticker and after entering the question-answer session hit the send button, your story will go live and the followers will be sending questions of their choices. Then after seeing all the answers, you will swipe up your story by a fire up and then there will be a stock of questions. Tap on these to answer. To re-post it in the story with an answer, you can use either share response or send a message through DM. 

  • Take the views of your followers on your story.

On Instagram, you can take two types of opinions(binary poles) on your story by placing a sticker. For this, you can specify a topic and two custom choices. Followers can tap any one of these choices to vote. Then with the help of this pole, you can easily spread about ready to post picture edits and your favourite restaurant, etc. Take the pole like this - Tap the stickers button after creating a new story on Instagram and inserting its favourable background. Now select the sticker from these and edit the options and wait. As the followers will vote, they will also be able to the percentage of voters from each side with the distribution. Now you have to scroll up in your story to access any concepts that are available to you. Instagram also gives you the option to share the results with the followers.

  • Publish the quiz.

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Instagram lets users add short quiz widgets to stories such as asking a question and checking how many of your audiences have answered correctly. To publish quizzes, go to the story interface by right-swiping. As a background, you can upload a photo or click and tap on the stickers button on the top. Now after selecting the quiz widget to enter the options with your question.

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