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 Apps are collecting data without permission.

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When you download an app, it asks for many permissions from you. Through these permissions, you decide on how much of an app should access to your data. For example, if you do not want to allow an app to read your call logs, then your call logs should be far from its reach.
 Researchers at the "International Computer Science institute" (ICSI) found in a study conducted on more than 88,000 apps in the google play store, that there are 1,325 android apps that despite being denied the permissions collect data from their devices including information such as exact geolocation data and phone identifiers. This personal data app is being converted to code in wi-fi connections and store-metadata in images. 
Researchers have shared this information with Google, but according to the company, this issue will be solved in android Q which is expected to be released this year. And on the other hand, there were some apps that were taking data from apps that had assessed to personal data. Although there were only 13 apps to do this. This capability was found in a total of 153 apps. Among them, Samsung's health & browser apps were also included.

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