Learn to code | How to do coding

Learn to code | How to do coding 

Google is offering a chance to learn to code:

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In today`s world, the demand for the skills that are fastest growing in the world, the name of coding comes first.

On the other hand, as per the estimation of the world economic forum report, 65% of children entering primary schools at this time will find jobs in the future which are not in existence today.
In such a situation coding can help the student to stay in rapidly growing and changing the world. Since every student does not have such resources, that`s why Google has introduced several free courses under its google for education program`s code with google section that introduces users to coding.

These courses start from beginner level and go to advanced levels. If you do not have any knowledge of coding, then you can step in this field through these courses and the grasshopper app with them. They will also be able to make an opportunity to make android games through the android studio.

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