Future Technologies

Unique technologies that will become part of our future.

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With the development of technology, how gadgets are constantly coming in front of us, which is completely different from those we use in our daily life. Right now they are not being used much but it is possible that in the coming times, these too may become as common to us as many smart gadgets have become today. 
Some of these technologies are fun, some are lifesavers, but one thing is common among them that it points towards our future.

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Drones that provide relief to victims:

Windhorse has designed a drone called Pouncer that is capable of transporting not only life-saving resources to victims, but its wings can be filled with food and drink. At the same time, more coverings can be used to shelter the frame. The company's plan to make its airframe with food items in the future. In this, the details of the destination are fed before the flight.

Touch-Hear Text Recognition:

Readers sometimes feel the need for a dictionary to know the meaning and pronunciation of a word. But this breaks the flow of their reading. The National University of Singapore designed text recognition techniques. In this, users first move their finger over the word that a finger implant has read, and the information associated with the word is heard from an ear attachment.

Glasses for Colour Blind:

Colour blindness is a problem that afflicts 1 in every 12 men in the world and 1 in every 200 women. After a decade of research and testing, the solution has emerged as Enchroma Sunglasses. Its lenses are capable of removing this mess to a great extent. Not only this, its lenses have been categorized in outdoor and indoor, which can give good results in high and low light.

These warning lights will alert:

There are many reports when people suffered an accident while walking on the road due to the attention of mobiles. Because of this, the warning lights have been fitted on the ground near the pedestrian crossings of the tracks at two railway stations in Germany, which will be easily visible and will be noticed in their smartphones. If they are green, you can cross the track and if they are red, it means stop, the train is coming.

Colour change sneakers in the sun:

Converse, in collaboration with Chinatown Market, has launched sneakers that are white in colour, as soon as you wear them out. This happens when they get exposure to UV lights. Their design changes from pastel shades to bright colours depending on the amount of UV lights. When you get enough light, you can see their rainbow look.

Wearable AC will protect you from heat:

Sony has recently launched a wearable AC in the market called Reon Pocket. It is a card wallet size Bluetooth device that connects you to an app in a special undershirt pocket with thermoelectric cooling and provides you with instant cooling. According to Sony, it can lower your body temperature by 13 degrees C in summer and can rise by 8 degrees C in winter. 

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