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Understanding and using its marketing is the biggest challenge for local businesses. Most local businesses operate traditionally but due to the increasing trend of e-commerce, they are facing high-level competition. That is why they need a high-tech marketing tool that is easy to use and does not require much budget. The solution to the problem of local business is 'Google My Business' tool. A few years ago Google launched this feature but it is not popular in India.

What is Google My Business?

Through Google My Business tool the local business of any level can search themselves according to the online list and target customer. Through this, the customer will also get your address, contact details and other information. With its additional feature, you can also link your website here. Apart from this, Google is also providing the facility of uploading business-related images etc.

How to list business?

After login, there will be an option to create a new list. Where you have to provide all the details related to your business. After this, your account will be verified through Google. It may take one to two weeks. Account verification is via a code, which Google sends to your registered address. When you are verified, it will be called your reputed business. 

How Google My Business tool help?

Google My Business offers many options that customers like. It has other features including following your business, latest image upload, discount section. You can also create a website through Google My Business. This website can be edited from a computer or mobile. At the same time which photo of your business activity is being liked by the customer more, you will also get details of it.

Take care of these things:

After signing up, you have to choose the option of business related to you from more than two thousand categories. So that you can reset and optimize your business category in the right way. The information given by you should be absolutely accurate because whoever reaches the business details through customer search will see this information.

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Google Search 

If Google Search is not giving favourable results, then some special methods can be tried.

Despite the immense potential of Google, users are not able to use it more and more, because everyone can't search their own right stuff on the web for hours. Here are some tips, tricks and features, with the help of which you can search better and faster.

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Try these tricks and tips for smart results in Google Search:

Uses of quotes and hyphens:

If you are not satisfied with the results even after a deep search, then refine a search a little. For example, if you type a line of a song in quotes, the results will also be associated with it. If you want to find the name of a person, but do not want to see a similar city or company in the search results, then by applying hyphens before the name will show only similar results.

Search more sites related to your choice:

You can easily find other websites similar to any of your favourite websites. For this, a "related" operator has to be used. Search by writing You There should be no space between the colon and the site. This will give you a list of sites that Google has given as many stars as the sites of your choice.

Improve image search:

If an image needs more reference, download it on your computer first, then drag it inside the search bar on Google images. This will give you more similar images with search results related to that image. Another way is to click on the camera icon in the search bar and paste the URL of the relevant image or upload it directly to your computer.

Search results for different file types:

The web also acts as a large storage container. You can easily find documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc, by taking advantage of Google's ability to search for different file types. To find examples of PDF files associated with a particular name, just have to add the "filetype" operator in your search.

Do not go over Googleing:

If you have to search repeatedly related to the same term, then it is better that you use Google Alerts Services. When you enter your search term in it, whenever you get new content related to it, you will get a notification. Now you can choose by going to the link with show options. Specify how often you want notifications and which sources(blogs, sites, videos, etc.), languages and other choices.

  • Bonus tip that will help you:

If the above tips did not make your work, then you can see the exact result for yourself by going to the Advanced Search page of Google. Apart from this, the advanced image search page can also be used.

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