Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing: The new weapon of fraudsters on the Internet.

There is also 'Phishing' in the technical world and it is used only to trap the ignorant people in their net. However, a special type of phishing is being discussed these days and that is a spear-phishing. It is believed that it is more deadly and more difficult to catch.

Spear Phishing vs Phishing:


Although you are familiar with phishing, It would be fine to mention it as a reference. Some cybercriminals send you such messages via email, SMS, social media or social messages that appear to be coming from a bank, government department, big company etc. Such a message in which the logo of the Income Tax Department has been used and it looks like the Income Tax Department has sent it. 
In this, you are given information that is difficult for you to ignore as if your return was not filed correctly. At the same time, by giving a link, it is said that you log-in to our website and complete the necessary formalities. You reach the website, you also enter the log-in details, but you do not know that it is not the real income tax department site, but cybercriminals have created fake sites that look like real sites. They save your log-in information with them and can then misuse it. Suppose you put your username, password etc. on the fake bank website, then by using it, the hacker can clear your real bank account.
So this was Phishing. But Spear phishing is a step ahead.

Spear Phishing

Where the same kind of message is sent to millions of people in phishing, in the same spear phishing, people of a particular company, special class group, income group etc. are targeted.
For example, if you work in Reliance, then you are sent a fake e-mail in the name of Reliance Company. Much research is also done in preparing it and the information given in the email seems to be accurate. Suppose the company's quarterly financial results are due on the 30th. If they are mentioned in the email that comes on the same day, then the recipient will get it right and will click on the link given there.
If the activists associated with a political party get an email about the same political party or if the people of a city get an email from the Municipal Corporation of the same city, then obviously they will be more likely to get confused. Hackers using spear phishing take advantages of this illusion to cheat the ignorant. Sometimes a message may have been written keeping you in mind, which also contains information related to you. 

Spear Phishing Prevention:

If you want to avoid spear phishing, then keep these 5  things in mind.
The measures to avoid spear phishing are the same as to avoid phishing, spyware, viruses and other cyber challenges through the internet. keep these five things tied:

  1. There should be a strong security solution in your system. If you have Windows 10, then it already has Windows Defender which has become quite powerful now and you do not need to install any security software separately. 
  2. Always keep your system updated. You know that updates are downloaded from the internet for Windows and Office etc. 
  3. Avoid blindly downloading or copying any file from any external source. Proceed only after being fully confident about the security-related aspects.
  4. Avoid clicking any link on an email, website, social media platforms, etc., unless you believe it to be a secure link and is actually a link what is claimed.
  5. If an offer, fact, deal looks very attractive then it is hardly true. Instead of believing in any facts on the Internet, be suspicious, act with doubt. 

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