Are you an active user of Twitter?

If you are an active user of Twitter, some smart tricks will work for you

As a social media platform, Twitter has a wide reach to the audience. This is proved by Visual Capitalist's figures that in 2018, an average of  4,81,000 tweets wore done every minute. This is the reason that Twitter is also constantly trying to give users better options and features. Recently it has also redesigned its desktop site. You can get the most out of this platform from the fast-paced Twitter hacks and tricks. With their help, if you wish, you can reach out to more people by tweeting effectively in less time. Here we are talking about some such tweeting tricks which will teach you how to use this effective platform.
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 Add emoji from Mac.

Emoji's effect is sometimes greater than words. By adding emoji with text, you can definitely connect your viewers better yourself. For this, you move your Mac's cursor to any text space and press Control+Command+Space bar. Emoji menu will be in front of you.

Speak with the help of the image.

You have a limit of 280 words to speak on Twitter. In such a situation, you can also speak with the help of images. You can share up to four images at a time. With this, you will be able to convey your whole thing to the people. Also, if you want, you can speak through gif or graphic.

Retweet older tweets.

Retweeting tweets that you like can increase your number of followers.

Download your Twitter data.

To back up, click on the More icon on the profile and choose Settings and Privacy.  In the Accounts section, enter your Twitter data, then download your Twitter data in the password. Now click on the option for request data. 

View feed in chronological order.

Last year Twitter made some changes to its feed so that only the top tweets could be displayed in it. However, if you like your feed in chronological order, tap the sparkle icon in the upper right corner and select the option for the latest tweets. 

Add tweets to thread.

You can create a thread(a series of interlinked tweets) to say a long talk. This allows you to save all information or references in one place. For this, press the tweet button, press the highlighted plus icon to add another tweet to it. Tap on Tweet All to post to everyone. 

Pin with the profile.

Pin the tweet to the top of your feed to reach the most people. Now if someone will come to your profile, first of all, they will see your pinned tweet. For this, tap on the down arrow icon on the top of the tweet, then select Pin to your profile and pin option.

Choose the best time.

According to research by Hootsuite, the best time to tweet is Monday to Friday at three in the afternoon. Usually, 75 per cent of the engagement of the tweet is received in the first three hours of its publishing. To tweet, it is important that you choose a time when most of your audience is online. You can also use Twitter analytics to adjust your tweet schedule. 

Schedule content calendar.

You can use a content calendar to save schedule time. Schedule tweets by date and time if the content already exists. Many websites can help you in creating a content calendar.

Some great tools to find great tweets

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If you are a Twitter user and want to know where tweets will be found according to your interest, then take help of special tools-

  • Ketchup-email digest:

With this tool, you can create a custom email digest of Twitter. It shows all the tweets in the same place, which may be necessary, as per your choice, by email at the appointed time of day. The link is-

  • Twubbler-Timeline:

Do you want to know what their timeline looks like to Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli? For this, it is a special tool, which prepares and shows you the timeline based on the following of any username. The link is-

  • Thread Reader- Add to Tweets:

On this tool, you can read threads of tweets of any topic in one place. It makes a list of ads according to language, relevance and date, and puts them in front of you on a single page and you can read them easily. This web tool hs a link-

  • Really good questions:

If you like reading questions that arouse curiosity on Twitter, then through this tool you can find them in one place. The link to this tool is-

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