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Wikipedia has emerged as a major centre of information in the world. Wikipedia is a 21st-century research skill for students. 

Wikipedia can prove to be a good source of information for you. It is very important to learn the correct use of it. 

In a recent class, research was conducted on how students use Wikipedia. In this, the students were asked what the teachers in the school told about Wikipedia. The results were shocking. Most of the students described it as very negative. 


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Make Wikipedia a strong research tool-

Trying to become skilled users-

Skilled users can evaluate Wikipedia information. They Can understand how this website works. They can decide whether the information is reliable or not. Skilled readers employ a set of strategies. Our reading has changed after understanding Mega Cognition. Now new teaching technologies can also be applied to Wikipedia. 

Use correctly-

Initially, teachers were afraid to discuss with students about Wikipedia. Understanding Wikipedia has now become the basic Internet research skill. It gives useful information to achieve success in career. People use Wikipedia as a source of information for work, academics and personal research. It has more than 100 billion views. Skilled users make use of Wikipedia better than unskilled users.

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Explain the importance to students-

Using Wikipedia students made themselves feel powered. In this, the moderator monitors the page. Editing is stopped if there is too much activity on a single article. The editor can then search for a specific moderator and check the credentials. Many editors have a long experience as moderators. They have been active on Wikipedia for years. Everyone should understand the way it works.

Importance of links and quotations-

In a lesson designed by the Standford History Education Group, students were asked to test parts od the Wikipedia entry on George W. Bush.  Goerge W. Bush is a public person, his article is semi-protected. For this, you can see the lock icon at the top right on their page. This icon means that the article is being processed for editing. The green plus mark gives it a good article rating. All students were also asked to calculate the number of links and quotations present in the article. Through such projects, it was checked that students give more importance to which links.

Wikipedia search.

So make Wikipedia a strong research tool. It will help you a lot in finding important information. Learn its correct use. 

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