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YouTube is a popular video-sharing website. Millions of users around the world have created accounts on YouTube. They can upload and share the videos that anyone can watch around the world. Former PayPal employees in 2005 developed this popular website YouTube and it was acquired by Google in 2006. It has had a profound impact on media and advertising. 

Most of the videos found on YouTube are created by amateurs, but some professional filmmakers also use the platform to share their work. Virtually all types and genres of videos are posted on the site, from sports accidents to homemade music videos. Copyrighted work also makes its way onto YouTube, which has raised many issues for companies that produce media for traditional outlets such as television.
Because of the nature of YouTube sharing and voting, there have even been cases where new talents got discovered through simple videos, one of the most notable of which is a teen pop star, Justin Bieber. It is also possible for YouTube stars to profit from the videos they post on the site through YouTube's ad revenue sharing program.

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Create an account on YouTube:

You create a YouTube account. You can use an existing Google account or sign up for a new account. I would suggest, create a new account for a YouTube channel because private emails, Google Drive storage and video history can be kept separate. Go to and tap on the big sign-in at the top left and now follow the steps ahead.

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    Create a channel on YouTube:

    You can create a YouTube channel after the account is setup. Go to the top right and click on the profile picture and choose 'Your channel'. YouTube channel has to be given a name. This name should be such that it attracts viewers. When you click on the 'Customize Channel' button, you can add a description, channel art and your profile picture. 

    Video uploading on YouTube:

    Click on the profile picture and select the YouTube Studio option. You can upload videos here and can choose public, private, unlisted and schedule options. Once the video is uploaded, you can add information such as title, description and related tags. 

    YouTube analytics:

    YouTube studios allow videos to be tracked once the video is published. You can find out how the video is performing. There is a dedicated analytics section for this. You can see how many views the video gets. Viewers can be found based on total watch time, the number of subscribers, top videos, real-time activity, traffic source, impression, gender and age. You can view the comments on the videos and give feedback. Decide which comments to review and which ones to spam. 

    YouTube video editing:

    Edit video after capturing. It can add voiceovers, transitions effects and overlays. Use iOS or Mac users IMEV app. On Android phones use Video show video editor, Viva video or Adobe Premiere Rush. Windows and Mac users use Adobe premiere. Blender( or shotcut( can be used for video editing.

    How to make a YouTube video?

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    Camera: You can use a camera or take help of your smartphone to prepare your video. A good DSLR or mirrorless camera will give you better quality. If you want to be a YouTuber with seriousness, then this would be right. For a wider reach, you should record and upload the video in 4K resolution. The video must be in minimum 1080p.

    Tripod: While recording a video, your phone or camera should be steady as a rock. For this, you should make use of a tripod. There are many types of tripod in the market. Their range starts at Rs 300. You should look at features such as adjustable height, travel bag, tilt and swivel motion while purchasing a tripod. 

    Lights: You should shoot during the day. There should be a good lightning setup when shooting indoor. You can start with LED video lights that you can mount on a table or on your camera. Their price starts at 1200 rupees. 

    Microphone: It is also very important to have a good quality sound like a video. Dedicated microphones can be used for this. Lavalier or lapel mic can be used initially. It gets clipped on the shirt. It gives a better audio quality than the phone or camera's mike.

    YouTube Monetization:

    YouTube has a strict policy of monetizing the channel. The channel should have 4000 watched hours in the last 12 months. There should be a minimum of 1000 subscribers on the channel. The YouTube channel has to be linked to the Google AdSense account. After this, the option of enabling monetization is available. Then you can earn from ads and super chat (Payment to highlights the message of the fans).

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